Buying New Gear Guide/Resource 2019

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Buying New Gear Guide/Resource 2019

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Please post or link to any websites/shops etc where you find the best deals for all paddling gear and accessories! This will be a resource for us all to share ideas/bargains. We will share our thoughts on the best brands and our experiences of them. Plus if you are thinking of buying ask your buddies as you can save on shipping from the UK. Many people use Parcel and similar to save on shipping to Ireland and if companies won't post to Ireland directly.

“What equipment do I need?“
Kayaking is fun, however, it’s less so when you’re cold and wet, and unfortunately, Irish rivers are always wet and often cold.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t go paddling, instead, we wrap up properly with appropriate clothing and warm gear.

These should be the first bits of equipment you’re looking to get, and here’s a guide as to what you need and don’t need!

Basic must-have kit
A Wetsuit is perhaps the single most important piece of gear for a beginner. They will keep you warm on the water on the coldest of days! They are particularly good if there’s a chance of swimming as they stay warm even when wet.

When buying a wetsuit make sure its a Long John Type, i.e. one with no sleeves, as sleeves can restrict your movement when Kayaking.

A Cag is a waterproof top which keeps the water off you.

They come in 3 different types, Splash, Semi-dry and Dry.

A Splash cag is great for keeping splashes of water off you, but it won’t keep water out if you swim.

A Dry-Cag is similar but has seals at the neck and wrists to prevent water from getting in, even in the case of a swim or capsize. The downside to this is that they are very expensive.

A Semi-dry comes somewhere in between as it’s dearer than a Splash cag but still won’t keep you dry, making them perhaps the greatest waste of money in kayaking!

For beginners, a Splash cag is often fine unless you have the cash to burn, in which case go the full distance and get a proper dry cag. The only reason to get a semi-dry is if you are allergic to the latex which the seals are made off.

To protect your feet! Make sure to get something with a good solid sole. Anyone who has a set will tell you how much they value them! They make getting on and off the river so much more comfortable and protect your feet from all the nasty things that can be found on riverbanks. As a pleasant side effect, they also keep your feet warm. You may see the hard-core creeker-types with big chunky shoes but all a beginner needs are the most basic type. A cheap pair of runners will do the job, but a bit better to get Neoprene ones or proper water shoes as they will hold together better when wet.

Thermal wear
Even with a wetsuit and cag it’s still nice to have a few more layers of thermals.

The best job for these are Penney’s Fleeces. They are cheap and warm.

Just make sure that whatever you wear on the river is not cotton or jeans as these absorb water and make you cold.

[indent][/indent]You can lose a lot of heat through your head, therefore it’s a good idea to get some type of cap for keeping it warm (to be worn under your helmet of course).

A simple swimming hat can do the job very well if you want to you can also get warmer ones from paddling shops

Spray Decks

Once you get your own boat a properly fitting spray deck is essential. Most size guides can be found on the manufacturers' website or here.. ... fit-guide/

The club decks are made of nylon, but if you do decide to buy one yourself, go for a neoprene one as, unlike the nylon ones they won’t let any water into your boat. (as long as they are the right size that is).

Any good kayaking retailer will help you get a deck that fits.

Roof rack & kayak roof straps
One of the first things you should purchase after you complete your beginners’ course is a roof rack. Everyone should be able to help out with the shuttling of boats to and from the river. The straps are inexpensive and can be purchased from Great Outdoors or I-Canoe.

That’s all the gear you’ll need for going paddling. All the above can be purchased from Great Outdoors and i-Canoe, both of whom give a discount for ICU members so don’t forget to mention that when buying anything.

What to Bring on a River Trip?

Re: Buying New Gear Guide/Resource 2019

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